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Born April 4, 1970 in Atascadero California to the loving parents of Herbert & Brenda Eash. Herb was raised in Paso Robles, CA. I've had some out of this world experiences, I am still here! From bikes to car crashes. Hit by several 60 foot waves in Morro Bay, CA to fighting for my life in the deserts of Saudi and Iraq during the 1990-1991 Gulf Wars. As you can see from my website my passion is for writing. I love my family and friends, I continue to fight for a better world. I've taken my passion a little further and a couple years ago wrote my first Sci-Fi book "The Hopi Expanse" about a Group of people trapped in a time paradox. I also enjoyed rewriting my Grandmas book "My Great Grandma Community News" about her experiences in Live Oak County Texas.

The first book I wrote was "Mission Saddam" about my experiences in the first Gulf war as a member of an elite tank platoon. My book "Capsize of the San Mateo" is about my voyage in the Morro Bay, California Ocean to go Whale watching but instead of whales we got nailed by three 60 foot rogue waves. I've also wrote a fitness book to help out those in need to be able to read labels and pick good exercises.

I want to thank our Lord in Heaven, my Beautiful Wife Cindy Saucedo-Eash, my Kids Brandon, Maria, & Abbey, also thank you to my Friends & Family for making my Life Great!

Thank you for checking me out and feel free to drop me any comments you have at herbeash@herbeash.com

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Much Love,
Herb Eash